Timber Grading

Timber Grading and Supply

Timber Insight specialises in supplying job lot orders of timber, including hardwood timbers of high grades in large volumes. Procuring these materials can be challenging, but our team can resource and supply them in a single job lot with all required inspection and certification certificates.

Our team has over 50 years of experience in timber specification, inspection and grading, providing clients with high-quality timber products that meet their specific requirements.

We inspect and certify structural timbers for both local use and export, ensuring compliance with Australian Standards or other client specifications.

We provide hardwood grading and certification, export timber inspection and certification, and power pole inspection and grading (to Western Power Specification and Australian Standards). 

High-Quality Timber Products for Your Project Needs

Trust Timber Insight’s Expertise in Timber Specification, Inspection, and Grading

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