About Us

Transforming Infrastructure Assets with Expertise and Innovation

Owned and operated in the southwest of WA, Timber Insight was born from a critical need in Western Australia’s infrastructure sector in the provision of vital maintenance and servicing of the region’s extensive network. We have a unique emphasis on structures, such as bridges, and leverage our expertise in timber to maximise the serviceable life of these critical assets. Timber Insight is more than a company; we’re a team committed to excellence. 

Our Vision

Your trusted partner ensuring infrastructure assets are safe and sustainable for generations, keeping people connected to country, work and each other.

Our Mission

At Timber Insight our mission is to excel in providing comprehensive solutions for the inspection, maintenance, repair and construction of diverse infrastructure assets.  Our seasoned professionals, leveraging innovative approaches and modern materials, ensure seamless project delivery to the highest standards of quality and safety.

In addition to our core expertise in timber, we offer value adding and innovative solutions through cutting-edge construction processes. We are there when your needs are urgent but also to support your development of long-term maintenance plans that ensure sustained infrastructure resilience.

Timber Insight was born from a critical need in Western Australia’s infrastructure sector in the provision of vital maintenance and servicing of the region’s extensive network.

Key Personnel

Ian Meachem

Managing Director

Ian founded Timber Insight in 2013 after seeing a need in the market for a business to provide services in the most sustainable of construction methods – timber. Timber Insight provided end to end services in the timber assessment, engineering design and construction of timber assets and buildings until 2016 when the consulting and commercial construction arms were separated in Engenuity Engineering and Constructive PD (CPD).
Timber Insight has continued to grow focused on timber asset inspection, maintenance, and construction whilst Engenuity and CPD have gone from strength to strength in consulting engineering and construction. The group of companies now employs more than 110 full time staff across Perth and the Southwest.
Ian is a passionate advocate for sustainable construction systems and maintains a strong focus on this across the group. As Managing Director Ian’s focus is on managing Timber Insight’s sustainable growth and strategic direction as well as ensuring a high level of service to our valued clients.

Brent Rowe

Project Manager

Originating from the commercial construction industry, Brent’s expertise in construction and project management ensures every project delivered by Timber Insight is to the highest standard in performance, quality, safety and in the shortest possible time.

Greg Meachem

Technical Manager

Greg brings over 38 years of extensive experience in the Western Australian timber and building industry, specialising in timber utilisation in construction. His technical knowledge, integrity, and deep passion for timber have earned him a highly regarded reputation.
With qualifications in timber technology, building construction, and quality management, Greg has served on Standards Australia committees, delivered lectures, and conducted training seminars for HIA and MBA.

Julie Kinninmont

Finance Manager

With over a decade’s experience in bookkeeping, Julie manages finances (and generally keeps the wheels turning) at Timber Insight.
Often referred to as “the voice of reason”, Julie works as part of the senior management team to shape business decisions and lend guidance along the way.

Strategic Alliance

Timber Insight has a strategic alliance with sister company Constructive PD, both founded by Ian Meachem. This alliance enables the sharing of common ideas, principles, and policies centered around innovation, professionalism, and excellence. 

Constructive PD, a construction company specialising in iconic structures, provides Timber Insight access to a skilled workforce of over 50 tradesmen for larger and more complex timber projects.

Become Part of Our Journey

Join a team where your skills contribute to building safer, stronger communities through superior timber solutions. At Timber Insight, we’re always looking for passionate professionals eager to make a difference.


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